Defendant Appearance Dates **Per order of the SC Supreme Court, all previously scheduled terms of GS Criminal Court have been cancelled until May 1, 2020 or as ordered by the Supreme Court. If you are a defendant, please contact your attorney for any additional information you may need. If you are scheduled for an Initial Appearance, please call the main office of the Solicitor for the County in which you were arrested. Anderson: 864-260-4046; Oconee: 864-638-4294. Again, if you have an attorney, please contact them for any additional questions regarding court appearances. Thank you.

These are Court Dockets for Anderson and Oconee County General Sessions. – Click to open using Adobe Reader:


Defendant Appearance Dates are sorted as shown. Please check back on this site as dockets may be updated. – Click to view using Adobe Reader:

NOTE: These hearings may be rescheduled, waived or cancelled at any time up until the scheduled time for the hearing.  Please check the site frequently for the most up-to-date information.