Defendant Appearance Dates: If you are scheduled for an Initial Appearance, please call the main office of the Solicitor for the County in which you were arrested. Anderson: 864-260-4046; Oconee: 864-638-4294. If you have an attorney, please contact them for any additional questions regarding court appearances. Thank you.

All Initial Appearances are still being conducted via phone. Please call either the Anderson (864-260-4046) or Oconee (864-638-4294) office (whichever jurisdiction you were charged in) at the numbers listed above to check in. You must be prepared to provide a driver’s license number or some other verifiable information to change your address. If you leave a message, please make sure you state your name, your callback number and the reason for your call. Your messages will be returned by someone in the office as quickly as possible. We are experiencing high call-volume so please be patient as we get back to you. Thank you for your patience.

These are Court Dockets for Anderson and Oconee County General Sessions. – Click to open using Adobe Reader:


Defendant Appearance Dates are sorted as shown. Please check back on this site as dockets may be updated. – Click to view using Adobe Reader:

NOTE: These hearings may be rescheduled, waived or cancelled at any time up until the scheduled time for the hearing.  Please check the site frequently for the most up-to-date information.